Pizza and the Park

Family date nights are the best!


Piano lessons

During Lucy's piano lessons, we play with one of Calvin's best friends. But today, they crashed pretty hard, so we decided it was time to watch a show. I love how they scoot close to each other on the couch :)


Cleaning things up

Our bathroom has held two empty picture frames side by side for about nine months now. I hung them up with the best of intentions—get the frames hung and out of the last moving boxes in the garage, and then find the art for them when I had a minute.

Finally, today, after looking around a bit and not seeing quite what I was looking for, I made these two little printables: Wash and Dry. I just wanted something that was clean, simple, and that would tie into the teal tones in the bedroom. 

The color didn't translate as clearly in the jpg files that I put up here, so if you'd like a better version, I've put the PDFs up here. Enjoy!


Madison Street Fair

Last Saturday the kids and I went to the local street fair and had a great time.
We went down the giant rocket slide 3 times (basically every time Calvin got to choose what to do).
The bouncy house was also a hit.
Petting zoo!
Lu was too big for the pony ride, but Cal thought it was pretty exciting.
Building toys at the workshop.
Face paint--rainbows of course :)
Burger bliss ...
These burgers were seriously amazing--the best ones I've had in years!
The train came by while we were eating lunch.
Lego table = Calvin's favorite place
Finished up with purple hair :)

Fall Break: Day 5

A lazy morning, a midday movie with friends, and the Daddy-Daughter Campout. (She's more excited than she looks :) )

Fall Break: Day 4

We spent the day out at the Maxwell's house, but before we left, the kids built  (and destroyed) a giant tower :)


Calvin's car drawings have become fairly recognizable of late:

Fall break: Day 2, Road Trip!

We went out to Tuscumbia, Alabama to see Ivy Green, the home of Helen Keller. Lucy was so excited to see all of the places she had read about; Calvin liked tr fact that we finished with ice cream at The Palace, a Tuscumbia gathering spot since before the Civil War.
Ivy Green
The home took its name from the plentiful ivy that grew along all the trees and buildings.
The pump where Helen Keller had the word "water" signed into her hand by her teacher, Annie Sullivan. This was Lucy's favorite part.
Out by the Cook's quarters and the kitchen. Calvin is turning the whetstone.
The Lions garden houses many of the gifts from countries around the world that were grateful for Helen Keller's work.
The hand carved Maori gate was stunning; it was only the second time the Maori people had made such a gift to a foreigner. The lantern below is from Japan and they'd done some beautiful plantings around it.
All in all, a great trip!