Primary: Articles of Faith

I designed a set of singing guides to teach LDS Primary children the thirteen Articles of Faith. Thought I'd put them up here just in case someone can use them. 

The complete PDF is available for download here.


Amazing Harry Potter party tonight

The pictures don't do it justice. Kids were sorted into houses, wands were made, Potter mafia was played (Calvin and I were Dobby; Lucy was a member of the order of the Phoenix), house points were earned by hunting for hidden objects and  playing Potter trivia--and the peanut butter filled chocolate frogs were enjoyed by all!
(Lucy went as Hermione, Calvin as "a dinosaur" aka a dragon or a basilisk, depending on when you asked him, and I went as Nagini. I wore that snake around my neck all night!)


Take your daughter to work day

Nick is always so great about taking Lu to work and then out for a special lunch. She loves it!

Waiting for art class to start

Sun roofs are very entertaining.



4th-Grade Recorder Concert

Lu has had a lot of fun this semester with her music teacher Mrs. Cooper--the concert was great! 
That's a lot of fourth graders!
They also sang on some of the songs. Lu was proud to be in one of the "tryout"
singing groups.
Pretty awesome!


Happy Easter!

Friends, fun, and General Conference—our relaxed Easter weekend was wonderful!