I love the way that Miss Lu adds her own special touch to everything. Even scratch paper.



He loved having "school" with Daddy this morning!


Lunch selfies

This is what we like to do when we eat lunch :)

Lunch selfies

This is what we like to do when we eat lunch :)

FHE: Snowflake edition

Every December, we practice making snowflakes using six-fold symmetry. It's pretty fun.

Braces selfie

I think we are firmly on the path to "preteen" with Miss Lu. Gulp.
She did so well getting them on. She's a bit sore, but by the next morning she had figured out how to talk again :)


Baseball buddies

Calvin Jesse and his friend Grace love playing baseball together!

Big cookies

When Nick bakes cookies, he goes all out.

Time for fun

We had a few hours last Saturday, so the kids and I went to the "rocket museum" (US Space and Rocket Center). They had a really interesting traveling exhibit on the 100 most significant inventions. For part of it, there was an interactive projection room. The kids loved it!
Lucy challenged herself on the to climbing wall.
They liked the building blocks display, of course. And I didn't get a picture of it, but they had a woman spinning yarn on a spinning wheel and Lucy had all kinds of questions. 
It was a beautiful afternoon, so of course Lucy went on a few rides outside too. Cal and I waited :)
I love living so close to such a great museum!