Christmas morning

Miss Lu was finally wrestled into bed around 8:30 on Christmas Eve. We weren't sure Santa was going to make it since he had to assemble a few things still, but he came through:

We told Lucy to come and get us when her alarm clock said 8:00; she showed up around 7:30, which really wasn't too bad all things considered. There was great rejoicing at the sight of her beloved pillow pet.

Calvin started grinning the minute we put him down onto his new play gym. The sock monkey was an unexpected hit too :)

Mr. Nick made french toast for breakfast and then the morning really got underway.

At the end of the day, Miss Lu was thoroughly spoiled (and happy to be so!)

Boogie down

We all like to boogie now and then.

The Nativity

This year we were invited over to the Sintays on Christmas Eve, along with the Hansens. Our kids all play well together, and we all enjoy each other's company. Before we let the kids loose, we had them act out the Nativity story.

Miss Lu was thrilled to be a shepherd—she brought her own sheep

The star decided she wanted to be a sheep too, so Shepherd Lu took her in

Mr. Calvin was almost too big for the manger ...

The shepherd took particularly good care of baby Jesus

Several "wise guys" made an appearance as well (they're pretending to hold their gifts)

It was a little unorthodox in places, but we made it through the whole story!

Bathing beauty (I mean hunk)

Calvin enjoys his baths, even when Lucy helps out:


Merry Christmas to all ...

... and to all a Good Night!

(yeah, all those cheeks are pretty pinchable :)


On computing

Nick and I have been laughing about the following conversation we had with Miss Lu for two days straight now.

(Background: we're in the middle of a conversation with Lucy regarding how Mommy knows lots of things too after Lucy let us know she thought Daddy knew everything and Mommy, well, Mommy not so much.)

Nick: "Lucy, Mommy knows how to use a keyboard to make an umlaut!"

Lucy: "Oh. What's a keyboard?"

Nick: [expecting to answer a question about the word "umlaut"] "Oh, um ... it's by the computer" [breaks into laughter ...]

Trust Lucy to ask you the unexpected question.

Self Portrait by Lucy, November 2010


Smiling baby boy

So. Mr. Calvin made his grand entrance just before Halloween, and he's been smiling (practically) ever since. Mostly for Dad. Sometimes for Sissy. Hardly ever for Mom (but Mom gets a lot of lip smacking and tongue sticking out). 

But this week, things started to change. 

Fall is over

Miss Lu is thrilled to finally put on her snowpants and get out in the snow!
Winter arrived at our house this week. Guess this means I'd better get back to blogging. I now have a backlog of cute baby pics to share!