On computing

Nick and I have been laughing about the following conversation we had with Miss Lu for two days straight now.

(Background: we're in the middle of a conversation with Lucy regarding how Mommy knows lots of things too after Lucy let us know she thought Daddy knew everything and Mommy, well, Mommy not so much.)

Nick: "Lucy, Mommy knows how to use a keyboard to make an umlaut!"

Lucy: "Oh. What's a keyboard?"

Nick: [expecting to answer a question about the word "umlaut"] "Oh, um ... it's by the computer" [breaks into laughter ...]

Trust Lucy to ask you the unexpected question.

Self Portrait by Lucy, November 2010


  1. Awesome conversation. And awesome pic by Lu. I especially love the bow in her hair and that she added the nose pieces to her glasses!

  2. She is so cute! I love that self portrait! :)