Nana's arriving soon!

We're pretty excited around here—Lucy has great plans, and Calvin's working on his laugh :)




Lucy today

Walking to the bus stop: "Hey Mom, let's pretend that I'm a doll that you found, except that I look like a kid, and I'm really big, and you found me and you wound me up and now I can walk ... [walks with her arms out stiff and her legs straight for a few steps] And now let's pretend I can also turn into a unicorn and I'm flapping my wings and I can make rainbows with my horn! [flaps arms while running]"

Talking about Justice O'Connor's childhood [after reading a book about her]: "Hey, I know, maybe her Dad was a spy! That's how they got the pictures! [in the book]"

I sure love her!


Thai tacos

We had Thai tacos last night for dinner. Well, I'm not sure that's really their name (I kind of made them up), but the fresh thinly sliced veggies balanced by the sweet-salty chicken and piquant fresh ginger, alongside the garlicky peanut sauce reminded me of the yummy Thai meals we ate with our friends the Smiths back in Sandy. Which reminds me: we need to make Thai soup again (Melody taught me how).

Everything looked so pretty laid out on the table that I had to take a picture. A successful experimental dinner night—hooray!


Bits of the day

Today, Calvin Jesse:

Slept in until 5:30 am
Figured out how to hit the toys on his play gym with his fists
Took a 2 1/2 hour morning nap
Peed in his bathtub three times
Grinned at Daddy during his diaper change
Became increasingly grumpy throughout the evening
Cried at Lucy (we're not sure why ...)
Fell asleep eating at 8 pm 

Oh, and posed for these adorable snapshots :) 


Note to self

Get those 72 hour kits made!

It's the goal for our ward this year for everyone to have one.

And then the other day the Costco magazine came and they had an article on them.

And then just today I was over at my friend Christi's blog and I happened to notice on her sidebar a link to an awesome post she wrote about putting theirs together.

It's a sign: I need to get it done!


Quote of the day

"Everybody loves their head. And everybody dies."

—Lucy Webb, 12 January 2011

Clean read

Last night, sitting down to read Lucy her bedtime story from her (modern, young-child-appropriate) book of fairytales:

Miss Lu: "And can I pick the story?"
Mommy: "Sure."
Miss Lu: "Ok. And you read it and then tell me if it's sanitized."
Mommy: "Sanitized?"
Miss Lu: "Yes. If it's sanitized, then you tell me how it really happened, the not sanitized story."
Mommy: "Um, ok ..." (thinks: How did she figure out these stories have been changed?)



Yesterday, Mr. Nick held Calvin Jesse while we were at choir. I was serving as the substitute pianist; Miss Lucy was running around in the gym with her bestest friend ever, Grace. And then a funny thing happened.

Calvin started to fuss a bit, so Nick held him out in front so that they could look at each other face to face. Just then the choir director had the basses run through their part. And as they were singing, Calvin started to smile, and then suddenly he started saying "huh, huh, huh, huh" over and over again. This continued for about 30 seconds—the sopranos were turning around in their seats to see what was going on! 

So it's going down on the record: Calvin Jesse likes to sing.

(He's not singing here, just chatting with Dad, but it will still make you smile)

What is Calvin doing right now?

Taking the cutest morning nap ever:

Just thought you'd like to know.



So, we live in a place where it gets pretty cold all winter long. This year we decided to check out the ice-skating rink. I stayed off the ice with Calvin, and Nick took Lucy out for over two hours! She loved it, and they had these great little metal sleigh-like things that helped her balance.

(Miss Lucy, all in pink of course)

(Nick stayed close by, but she was doing really well all on her own!)


Have you thought about feminism today?

If you're Mormon, and a woman, or have a daughter, you may be interested in some of the current discussions regarding Mormonism, feminism, sexuality, and power taking place. Lately there has been a virtual "flurry" of various blog posts and essays discussing one or more of these topics. These are the ones I think have been the best (i.e., most thought-provoking):

1. For a succinct overview from which to begin, see Peggy Fletcher Stack's article in the Salt Lake Tribune entitled "Mormon Feminism: It's Back."

2. A similar, though more in-depth, overview is available in a podcast from the Radio West radio program. The show, entitled "Mormon Feminism Today," was broadcast in September and includes interviews with Claudia Bushman and Joanna Brooks.

3. Patheos recently hosted a symposium on Mormon Feminism with a wide range of participants that gives a good idea of some of the complexities and varying perspectives involved in the issue.

4. The Mormon Women Project features interviews with faithful Latter-day Saint women. Quoting from their "About" page: "This digital library will show that among the 7 million women currently members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there is stunning diversity and strength that may not always be recognized. The MWP is particularly interested in highlighting the righteous choices women make in all circumstances and locations. It celebrates women who have made deliberate choices — with the help of the Spirit and personal revelation — to overcome personal trials, magnify motherhood, contribute to communities outside their homes, or be converted to the Gospel." When anyone says Mormon women are all the same, send them here.

5. If you work with young women, read this essay by Kathryn Soper: "Why Standards Night is Substandard: Teaching Sexuality to the Young Women."

6. And finally, for an articulate response to and reformulation of Soper's essay, read this by Rosalynde Welch: "Women, Desire, and the Hidden Discourse."

Fun with the Firstborn

Lest anyone think Miss Lu has been forgotten in the flurry of new-baby-ness at our home ... behold, evidence to the contrary, aka, sledding with Mom.

Her favorite way to go down the slopes was by wiggling side to side so that we would curve unexpectedly ... and the one time we went clear to the sidewalk she laughed so hard she fell off the sled.

Smile, it's Friday!

Things that make 2-month-old Calvin Jesse smile:

1. Daddy (just in general)
2. Funny noises, like "blah, blah, blah" or lips buzzing
3. Lucy saying "He's so cute!" in her really high voice
4. Mommy singing "Calvino, bambino, we love you very much"
5. Tickling the left side of his chin
6. The butterflies, purple bear, and/or green frog (depending on the day) on his gym
7. Kissing noises by his face
8. Unexpected eye contact
9. Dancing (though that tends to make him spit up too)
10. Sleep (he smiles in his sleep and it's so cute!)


Sweet like honey

You mean I didn't show these to you yet? I'm so sorry!

There is nothing sweeter than Mr. Calvin taking a nap all snuggled in his blankies. Wait, let's look closer:

Yep, still sweet. (Now you just need to hear the accompanying little baby snorts and snuffles and you will officially be in baby heaven.)

On resolutions

Miss Lucy and Cousin Morgan down at Edmonds beach last summer, possibly preparing for baptism

Mom: So, what do you want to be your goal for the year?
Miss Lu: I want to be baptized!
Mom: Okay ... Well, you can be baptized when you're 8, but it's great to start getting ready now. What can we do this year to help you get ready for baptism?
Miss Lu: I know—We can go to the pool more so that I can practice putting my head underwater!
Mom: Oh. Well that makes sense.

(I love Miss Lu's enthusiasm, and her practical yet creative approach to problem solving.)

Calvin loves his play gym