Lucy today

Walking to the bus stop: "Hey Mom, let's pretend that I'm a doll that you found, except that I look like a kid, and I'm really big, and you found me and you wound me up and now I can walk ... [walks with her arms out stiff and her legs straight for a few steps] And now let's pretend I can also turn into a unicorn and I'm flapping my wings and I can make rainbows with my horn! [flaps arms while running]"

Talking about Justice O'Connor's childhood [after reading a book about her]: "Hey, I know, maybe her Dad was a spy! That's how they got the pictures! [in the book]"

I sure love her!


  1. Cute! She has the best quotes!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Thanks for commenting on our blog. Lucy's comment was cute - I'm sure her and Paige would make great friends! We've been enjoying your blog as well and love to see the pictures of your adorable kids. Have a great week.

  3. Kids have such great imaginations. I feel like I have to really work at what comes so effortlessly to them.

  4. Jenny, I love you! Just want you to know! Seeing your name in a comment always makes my day! And your kids are darling beyond words. Something about that Lucy in her glasses...