Salt Lake Adventures

On our way to Salt Lake making pretzel moustaches


This morning at our house.

Lucy: "Daddy, I'm going to always wear my CTR ring because it reminds me to CTR—Choose the Right! And sometimes ... I don't really want to ..."

Miss Lu at 4 months, already showing signs of impending impishness.


Not for Sale

This morning, Miss Lu looked up at me as we snuggled on the couch and said, "Mommy, I love you. I'm never going to sell you."

I looked at her, slightly confused. She continued, "I'm not going to sell Daddy, and when we have a baby, I'm not going to sell the baby either."

"Oh," I managed to reply. Lucy grinned and continued to cuddle. Suddenly, it all came together. "Lucy?" I asked, "Is this what you learned at Family Home Evening last night? Not to sell people?"

"Yes! We don't sell people."

"Ok. That's good."

I guess that's what we get after doing a lesson on Joseph and the coat of many colors. Nice to know somethings are sinking in.

(Dore's engraving of Joseph being sold into Egypt)

Nick's New Hobby ...

... is snowboarding. We live 15 minutes from the ski resort. He's ok with that.

Destination: Spring Picnic or Bust

We are really ready for Spring at our house. The first day a decent patch of grass appeared on the lawn, Miss Lu was ready for her spring picnic. It snowed again the next day.


Massive lists of things Lucy has said lately

1. Lucy (singing): "I love you more than Daddy, I love you more than Grandma and Grandpa, I love you more than puppies, I love you more than Keira, I love you more than Gracie ..."
Mom: "Who are you singing about?"
Lucy: "My baby sister, for when I get one. ... (continues singing) I love you more than Mommy, I love you more than kittens, I love you more than ..."
Mom (only slightly crushed): "Oh." 

2. "Daddy, when Mommy found you, did you say, 'Excuse me, may I marry you'?"

3. (during her night-time prayer) "Thank you for winter. Please make it stop now and make it spring."

4. (considering her family history) "Was Nana the first baby ever?"

5. Lucy: "Can we name our baby Jesus?"
Dad: "No."
Lucy: "God?"
Dad: "No."
Lucy: "Sophie-God?"
Dad: "Uh ... probably not."

6. (waking me up in the morning) "Hey Mommy! I dreamed you had another baby again! And we had a circus too!"

7. "Mommy, I'm tired of walking. And running. I'd like to fly now."

PS This post is not an announcement. Lucy is just seriously into babies, all babies, any babies, and particularly babies that may end up being part of our family. 

Sharpie madness

When we moved, I promised Miss Lu I would make a headboard for her bed. It only took me half a year to get around to it ...

Thanks to my awesome photo skills, you too can make your own :)

Plywood (cut to the size you want your headboard to be—mine rests on the ground, so it's biggish)
Fabric (we used a twin bottom sheet—I cut the elastic out)
Staple gun

1. Lay out all the batting in layers slightly bigger than the board; place board on top

2. Feel pretty awesome about using a staple gun to secure batting to board

3. Feel less awesome as you struggle with the contours of a fitted sheet

4. Regain staple-gun awesomeness. Work hard to make the corners neat and tidy. Realize no one will ever see this part, and take a picture so others can appreciate it.

5. Flip it all over, and start drawing on your "headboard" with a sharpie. Realize you like drawing with sharpies, even though you have to be careful because, well, it's a sharpie.

6. Oh yeah baby—headboard! Revel in its charm (read: imperfections). Revel!

7. Call in Miss Lu. Observe gratifying reaction. Consider using sharpie on other surfaces. Reconsider.

Follow the Prophet

Here's the chorus to one of Lucy's favorite Primary songs, as performed by Miss Lu herself:

"Follow the Prophet
Follow the Prophet
Follow the Prophet
Don't have a say!
Follow the Prophet
Follow the Prophet
Follow the Prophet
He knows the way!"

Hmm ...


Theological questions

"Hey Mom, does Heavenly Father feel the Holy Ghost? Like we do?"