Summer in Seattle: Day 13 = Fun at Nana's!

Playing outside ....
Losing teeth ...
Getting wet!


Summer in Seattle: Day 12 = Snoqualmie Falls!

After dinner we went up to the outlets in North Bend to find some new school shoes for the kids (thank you Nana!). On our way back we stopped at Snoqualmie to see the falls at sunset. Gorgeous!

Summer in Seattle: Day 12 = Ballard Locks

We took a friend with us after Cooney Camp for a picnic at the locks. We saw a whole line of yachts go through, and a giant container ship filled with mountains of sand and gravel being pushed by a tug boat the other direction. The kids were pretty enthralled!


Summer in Seattle: Day 11 = Bellevue Farmer's Market!

Summer in Seattle: Day 11 = Pacific Science Center!

Big day for our little scientists!
The Imaginate exhibit let them construct and experiment a zillion different ways.
See if you can guess which wingspan belongs to Lu and which to mom :)


Summer in Seattle: Day 10 = Enatai Beach

It was a seriously glorious day for an afternoon at the beach by Nana's house.
See if you can guess which pike belongs to the kids and which belongs to the mom:
Lucy made friends; Calvin spent his time with the sand ...
To finish off the day, we went to see Despicable Me 2 tonight. Listening to Lucy laugh during movies is one of my all-time favorite things. Ever.


Summer in Seattle: Day 9 = Children's Museum!

We love that our Space and Rocket Center membership gets us into other fun museums for free!
After, the fun kept rolling: Calvin tried out some wheels, Lu hopped on for a "ride," we saw every animal in Petco, and we picked up some foam rockets at Target for our evening festivities (i.e., playing in the yard).