Summer in Seattle: Day 7 = Sunday Dinner

We all really enjoyed going to church with Nana on Sunday. Lucy and Calvin entertained President and Sister Pugh during sacrament meeting (Calvin was especially vocal with regards to the "planes!" and "rocket ships!" he was having Auntie JuJu draw for him). And Jenny was able to see old friends.

After church, Lucy settled down with a movie, and Calvin and Jenny drove out to Auntie JuJu's new place to check it out. Other than a toy car that accidentally drove off the third-floor balcony, the visit was without incident, mainly because Jenny couldn't help herself and fell asleep for half an our on Auntie's comfortable bed. Her apartment is super cute, and so organized!

Later in the afternoon, Uncle Vu and Aunt Becky joined Uncle Steven and Aunt Carrie and came over for dinner. The hit of the evening was Aunt Carrie's peach cobbler—summertime in a baking dish :) We all laughed a great deal, looked at pictures (Vu and Becky are building a house; Carrie and Steven brought over wedding pics; Jenny showed off the studio pictures of the kids from Saturday morning), and enjoyed the company.

After we finally tucked the kids down, we had a surprise visit from the Pughs, who gladly accepted some of Carrie's cobbler and sat down for a relaxed, chatty visit. I sure love Don and Jane, and it's been a long time since I've had a visit with them that hasn't been rushed for one reason or another, so I really loved catching up and just enjoying good people. All in all, a wonderful Sunday!

Some of my favorites from the kids' studio shots:

(I love the look on Lucy's face on the one below—Calvin was not cooperating!)

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