Take your daughter to work day

Nick is always so great about taking Lu to work and then out for a special lunch. She loves it!

Waiting for art class to start

Sun roofs are very entertaining.



4th-Grade Recorder Concert

Lu has had a lot of fun this semester with her music teacher Mrs. Cooper--the concert was great! 
That's a lot of fourth graders!
They also sang on some of the songs. Lu was proud to be in one of the "tryout"
singing groups.
Pretty awesome!


Happy Easter!

Friends, fun, and General Conference—our relaxed Easter weekend was wonderful! 

Dying the Easter Eggs

It's pretty fun to color the Easter eggs when we have our friends Robert and Briana there to enjoy it with us!


A Walk Today with Calvin

The big kids were playing basketball today ... with Calvin's favorite green basketball that Santa brought him for Christmas. He wasn't thrilled with the situation. So, I asked him to take a special walk just with Mom! 

Things Calvin Jesse said on our walk:

"Mom! I'm a good runner! I'm fast!" [as he's running ahead]

"Sneak, sneak, sneak, sneak!" [as we're going around a parked car]

"Oh my gosh! Look at that big bush! It's dead!"

"Little purple poopies touched with yellow pee!" [upon seeing pansies]

"Mom, can we stop now? I can't walk all the time." [upon deciding to play with the monster truck car he'd been alternately carrying and chewing on]

"Mom, can you hold me?" ... "MOM!!!"

And then finally there was the following conversation, which I think just about sums up his 4.5-year-old self:

[Jenny]: "Calvin, who do you want to be like when you grow up?"
[Calvin]: "A truck."
[Jenny]: "You don't want to be like a person? You want to be like a truck?"
[Calvin]: "Yeah."

We sure love him.