Happy Father's Day

 Trying the Father's Day video one more time ...


Soccer dad

Mr. Nick's been playing a lot of soccer lately, and he's getting pretty good. My friend Katharine caught this great shot of him the other day—thanks Katharine!

Caught my eye

Things I keep on thinking I don't just want, but need:

1) This moon necklace from Julian & Co. Gorgeous! Plus it reminds me of one of my favorite short stories, "La distanza della Luna" by Calvino.

2) Tsubota Pearl's stick lighter. Sleek. Filled with fire. I'm in.

3) The Match & Munch sandwich puzzle punches! (I want a set for Miss Lu's lunches, and a set for my sister because, come one, it makes a puzzle out of your sandwich. Julie would love it!)

Breaking news

Miss Lu won a local coloring contest (sponsored by Atomic City Transit). She had her picture run in the paper, and they sent her a fun backpack with some art supplies inside. I'm the mother of a famous artist :) 


Take a drink

Things are starting to heat up here in New Mexico, and Miss Lu has figured out how to keep cool.

Miss Lu: "Mom, I'm low-drated. I need to drink some water so I can be hydrated!"

My kids make the same faces

It seems that every time I take a picture lately, Calvin Jesse has his tongue out or is biting his lips in this funky way. Looking back, Miss Lucy was doing the same thing when she was his age.

Lucy at 7 months, tongue out:

Calvin at 7 months, tongue out:

Lucy at 7 months, biting lips:

Calvin at 7 months, biting lips:


Today, Calvin learned that he can jump by himself

One year of school

Miss Lu has finished kindergarten. Here she is on the first day of school, and then the second to last day. She's really growing up!

Things Lucy said today

Lucy with her "Cinderella" story set up. Nothing to do with the post below, I just liked the picture.

Scene 1

Fast Sunday Sacrament meeting

Lucy: "Why can't the grown-ups eat?"
Mom: "Because it's fast Sunday."
Lucy: "Do we have Primary?"
Mom: "Yes."
Lucy: "Do we have class?"
Mom: "Yes."
Lucy: "Then why is it called fast Sunday?"

Scene 2
Family dinner table

Lucy: "Mom, if Calvin and I were hanging onto the ceiling fan, would we spin really fast? Would it break?"
Mom: "Um, yes, it would break."
Lucy: "Oh."
Mom: "Don't try that one out. It will break. You'd both fall off and get hurt."
Lucy: "Ok, I won't try it out."

Scene 3
Armchair with Dad

Lucy: "Hey Dad, how does life get here? You know, like germs and stuff? How does it start?"
Dad: [Starts a discussion about cells forming in the ocean that goes on for about 5 minutes and ends with life crawling or flying out.]