Things Lucy said today

Lucy with her "Cinderella" story set up. Nothing to do with the post below, I just liked the picture.

Scene 1

Fast Sunday Sacrament meeting

Lucy: "Why can't the grown-ups eat?"
Mom: "Because it's fast Sunday."
Lucy: "Do we have Primary?"
Mom: "Yes."
Lucy: "Do we have class?"
Mom: "Yes."
Lucy: "Then why is it called fast Sunday?"

Scene 2
Family dinner table

Lucy: "Mom, if Calvin and I were hanging onto the ceiling fan, would we spin really fast? Would it break?"
Mom: "Um, yes, it would break."
Lucy: "Oh."
Mom: "Don't try that one out. It will break. You'd both fall off and get hurt."
Lucy: "Ok, I won't try it out."

Scene 3
Armchair with Dad

Lucy: "Hey Dad, how does life get here? You know, like germs and stuff? How does it start?"
Dad: [Starts a discussion about cells forming in the ocean that goes on for about 5 minutes and ends with life crawling or flying out.]

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