Things you missed: February

So, it's been a while since I've really updated the blog ... so I thought I'd do a few recaps. Starting with February. 

The month began with a bang: Nana's visit! Even with record low temperatures and the threat of the gas and water being shut off, we had a great time :) 

Next: ice-skating at the county ice rink. This was Lucy's second time out and we had to practically pull her off the ice when it was time to go (because she was having so much fun, not because she had fallen down).

The hit of Valentine's Day? Auntie Juju sent Miss Lu her very own custom knitted Milo Armadillo!

The big news in Calvin's life was the arrival of his Bumbo—a little green chair for babies to help them sit up on their own. He loves it! (As do his parents.)

We celebrated President's Day with a hike out at Bandelier—we went out to the Long House and looked at all of the pictographs.

Stay tuned for March! 


Lessons from Cain and Abel

This morning we read the story of Cain and Abel during our family scripture study over breakfast. We talking about how the consequence for Cain was that God punished him and that God said Cain could not go back and live with God.

Right after that, Lucy piped up and said, "Yeah, because he did something really bad. He lied!"

Nick reminded her that killing his brother was also a bad thing. To which Lucy replied "Oh, I know. I won't kill my brother—he's soooooo cute!"

Good to know.