The switch

Big day here today--Calvin is moving into his own bedroom. Miss Lu is thrilled to have her own space, and Calvin has settled right in to his own play space :) We're not done yet, but this will give you the basic idea!



My favorite pic from the first week of using my new camera. These two goofballs make every day brighter.


Welcome home

Coming home from school = a special occasion, right?


New camera

I've been wanting to get a new camera for quite a while now, and the right deal finally appeared! Still figuring out how to use it, but caught some cute shots of the kids in doing so. 


Bright spot

I love our walks to school with this fun girl!

Busy little man

Yesterday I ran into Kohls to look at a rug. I had about 15 minutes I'm between pickups and drop offs. (6:15 Lu at Activity Days, 6:30 Nick at Mutual across town, then pick up Lu again at 7:15 and back to pick up Nick at 7:45--sheesh!) As I picked up the rug, I heard a little voice say "Goodnight!" And there was Calvin, in the display bed. It was that kind of day ...