Bleak midwinter

It is the end of January. Forecast for 70 degrees today. Sometimes I really wonder where we've landed, but then again, Calvin doesn't seem to mind all the extra time outdoors ...


The artist

Today's comment by Lucy (5:41 pm)

"I'm drawing an elephant with a mustache. I don't really know how the mustache got there though ..."


Hand jive

Calvin Jesse has, after much practice, mostly with Sissy, figured out why the game "high five ... to the side" etc. is both fun and funny.


Today we went to Firehouse Subs for lunch

We were not impressed with the food. But Calvin really enjoyed the hat that came with his kiddie meal. Ta-da!


Template adjustment

A Little Bitta This ... now featuring larger photos. Because I finally figured out how to adjust the width of the template I'm using (it was easy to do, just took me a while to remember to do it). Because really, who wouldn't like larger pictures of these cuties?

Snow day!

School's out early, and we are outside in our Alabama blizzard. Lucy's teaching Calvin about the joys of snowball fights :)


Rain and tears

Today, I learned that if Calvin Jesse drops his toy airplane onto the floor at the beginning of the drive to go pick up Dad from work and neither Lucy nor I can reach it, he will cry the entire trip. And that even pouring, pounding rain and rush hour traffic will not drown him out. Looks like powerful lungs run in the family (see: Miss Lucy, aka Sissy).


The girl this week

Miss Lucy's adventures this week included:

Researching a report on penguins
Reading the two more books from the Littles series
Flying the remote-controlled helicopter out back ... on to the roof
Three and a half hours at the pediatric ophthalmologist's office
Painting a blue horse and red tree
Finishing her first sewing kit
Reaching the halfway point in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Wearing crazy socks and an inside-out shirt on her fun Friday dress-up day
Singing "Angels We Have Heard on High" (loudly) 100 times
Working on chapter 15 of her next Deer and Dog book
Playdates with Hazel, Lauren, and Elsie
Watching Phineas and Ferb
Cuddling Calvin

We sure love her!

The boy this week

Things Calvin Jesse said to me this week:

"No thank you!" (most often yelled angrily during a tantrum)
"Airplane! Airplane inna Calvin's bed!" (asking to sleep with his plastic airplane)
"Ta da!" (when he accomplished something, like getting his pants off)
"Dun-duh-DAH!" (after making it to the top of the hill at the library children's garden)
"Daddy lunch!" (asking to go take Daddy out to lunch)
"Yay! Friends inna Y!" (going to the childcare at the YMCA)
"Yellow wocket ship! Wocket ship inna stars!" (wocket = rocket)
"Love you, Mama!"

(Notice all the exclamation points—when he makes the effort to talk, he really wants to get his point across!)


Christmas clothing!

For the first time ever, we Webbs went with a somewhat coordinated look for Christmas. Red and black all over. (It helped that Auntie JuJu was there to help corral children and keep them in their outfits long enough to snap a few pictures!)


Lunch date

Once a week, I get to go to lunch with my favorite boys. Currently we rotate between Chipotle and Five Guys.