Family Home Evening

Calvin was so excited when we pulled up at the park that he nearly kicked his shoes off in his carseat.


Biker boy

He keeps skinning his toes, but he won't get off :)

Going gray ...

... but still so handsome!


Artist in residence

Miss Lu and her most recent project.


Spring break 2

Day two starts with Mr. Nick and Miss Lucy building a little sandcastle

Calvin is intrigued ...

... but clearly has other ideas in mind.

Lots of digging.

Followed by lots of splashing.

Mr. Nick and Miss Lucy take to the (gorgeous!) water.

Calvin Jesse isn't so sure (which is just fine with mom).

It's pretty bright at the beach when the sun is shining!

Mom relaxes ...

... and so does Miss Lu.

In the end, Calvin Jesse decided he'd had enough of carrying around his wet diaper. So he stripped and then napped in my arms.

We finished out the night with a trip into town for Thai food. Tired, but in a very good way.


New shoes

Miss Lu finally found the perfect shoes for Steven and Carrie's wedding. The best part, in her opinion, is their cute little high heel. She's already asked to sleep in them.

(After I took a picture of her feet, Calvin Jesse insisted I take one of his grubby little tootsies too :)

Yard work

I mowed the lawn for the first time since the car accident. And Miss Lu and I spent hours sprucing and weeding. Nick built the garden beds and prepped the soil. We have spring fever bad!


Picnic at the park night

We are glad to see spring emerging here--time for one of our favorite family night dates!