Racing in her blood

Miss Lucy begged and begged to go with her BFF Gracie to the cub scout pinewood derby. At the end, they let the siblings race some cars. Miss Lu was thrilled that she was now a real car racer.

Texas Roadtrip, Day Six

The trip from Dallas to Austin took longer than we thought it would ... so the kids were really excited when we pulled up and Randy and Heather's house and they had a giant backyard, complete with trampoline!

While Miss Lucy jumped with "cousins"Jared, Lilly, and Kiya, Calvin Jesse got reacquainted with Navy. Navy's interest in camera's versus Calvin's interest in avoiding cameras was quite apparent.

Texas Roadtrip, Day Six

On our way from McKinney to Pflugerville, we stopped at the Galleria Dallas. The kids romped around the play land while Nick and I took turns shopping.

Next we went downstairs to the main attraction: the indoor ice-skating rink. Lucy and Nick went out on the ice. Calvin and I entertained ourselves by riding up and down the escalators and watching the skaters out on the ice.


Sliding good times

Something tells me this summer is going to be even more active than the last ...


Texas Roadtrip, Day Five

The highlight of the day for the kids had to be our picnic lunch at the park. The play structure was ginormous, and Calvin practiced going down stairs for at least half an hour while the rest played frisbee.

The highlight of the day for the adults ? A night out sans children. Dinner at a fantastic Thai noodle place, a stroll through Half Price Books, and a movie--The Artist. Fantastic all the way around.


Texas Roadtrip, Day Four

Braum's ice cream for dinner. The kids thought it was wonderful. Although we all worried a but when Nick wanted pickles too ...

Texas Roadtrip, Day Three

After a lazy Sunday morning and church in a Texas-sized stake center, Calvin decided to put the rest of the afternoon to good use by learning to descend down stairs using a hand rail.


Texas Roadtrip, Day Four

Six Flags! With Samantha, Joshua, and Nathan! And a car stroller for Calvin!

Texas Roadtrip, Day Two

By the time we left Amarillo for McKinney, Lucy and Reagan were fast friends. And Mallory promised to send me the book she is writing, and Trenton and Calvin were pretty good buddies too. And Nick and I were pleased to have been reacquainted with the Killer Bunnies game thanks to Sandi and Trenton. Good times in Amarillo.
Our drive out was rainy the whole way; even though we couldn't seem to find a town big enough to hold a McDonalds with a playland, we were able to let the kids run at lunch along a covered sidewalk outside a little strip mall. Calvin ran, left arm tucked up, for 20 minutes straight, only pausing now and them to dance with Lucy.


Texas Roadtrip, Day One

Dinner with the Weber cousins at The Big Texan. Everything was, understandably, big. And when Mr Nick ordered a tomato and onion salad, that's exactly what he got. We couldn't stop laughing over it :)

Texas Roadtrip, Day One

We passed not one, but two Google maps cars out doing their thing.

Texas Roadtrip, Day One

The drive:


Sugar daddy

Miss Lu to Mr Nick this morning, upon leaving for the bus stop: "Bye Daddy! Have a good day! Make lots of money!"


Favorite game

 Hmm, what should I do now?
 Oh, I know! Where's Calvin?
Peekaboo! Here I am!