Happy Halloween

There's a big storm headed this way tonight, so we rushed after dinner to get our airplane and Winx fairy out the door!


Lucy decorated her own shirt to wear today. She made one for Calvin too. We'll see if he'll let me take a picture today :)


We kind of failed pumpkin carving this year. As in, we didn't buy pumpkins before they ran out. We substituted with small ones and sharpies--the kids actually had a great time, but then Calvin threw a tantrum when I tried to take his picture ...



It's dress up like a cowboy/cowgirl day at school! She looked so cute :)


Trunk or Treat

We had so much fun dressing up as "Little Red Riding Hood" this year! Miss Lu was a big hit as the "Granny" with her missing teeth :) And we even won a prize for the best costume theme—even Calvin Jesse was excited about that one! (Ok, he was mostly excited that people were clapping for him, but still, it was really cute.)

 (I totally made this cute little bunting to decorate our car!)

3 Musketeers

This year, Miss Lucy walks home from school. It gives her a chance to decompress a bit, and get a little extra energy out before she gets home and has to start her routine of homework and practicing. While there's a whole herd of kids that walk home, most of them live a bit closer to the school; luckily, she's found some friends who have to walk almost as far as she does. Every day she comes home and fills me in on their latest adventures: there's been princesses fighting an evil wizard, robot aliens, and some sort of "freeze" game that I have yet to fully understand, among others. I love that she has such good friends, and that they're all so imaginative!


He's 3!

More to come--but here's some of the best from our family party today!


Birthday lunch

He picked McDonalds of course :)

Fly boy

Calvin Jesse didn't want to take off his costume after his preschool Halloween party today. And when we went to Target today, he found the perfect place to go flying: a giant, red concrete wall with a large "Target" circle cut out of it. He ran and jumped and "flew" for 15 minutes before I finally pulled him off to finish our errand, much to the amusement of many a shopper entering the store :)

Playing penguins

Last afternoon on the beach!

Florida fun - Day 1