Holiday happiness

Best part of Christmas? It's hard to decide ...

Back to Bandelier

We went for a quick hike at Bandelier yesterday. Miss Lu loved the caves.

We saw a petroglyph that reminded us of Calvin's hairdo.

And we ended the day with pizza and air hockey--fantastic!

Overlook Park

After Bandelier, we stopped at Overlook Park on our way home. It was quick but fun. The view always makes me feel like I'm living on the edge of the civilized world out here ...

Bandelier for grown-ups

Nana, Uncle, and I went to Bandelier on a whim (the store we wanted to visit, The Black Hole, was closed). Gorgeous day, and fun to spend time together!


Someone must know Uncle arrives tomorrow ...

... because he's been driving this car all week in anticipation.



Miss Lu has been teaching Calvin Jesse how to "scrub scrub"—here they're washing the windows together. It's so dang cute.


Winter Ball

Mr. Nick took Calvin Jesse and Miss Lu to Mountain Elementary's Winter Ball. Miss Lucy had been practicing various dances all week. Calvin Jesse spent the evening wandering and occasionally dancing. Fun and merriment ensued.


Calvin Jesse gets his hair cut

At thirteen months, Calvin Jesse's hair was nearing its limit. Sure, we could let it grow longer, but it was starting to get in his eyes, and the back was approaching mullet-hood at an alarming rate.

So I took him to my friend Morgan, who cuts my hair and who has a little boy of her own and knew what to expect. Calvin Jesse was a actually really quite good—he was a little startled by the process, but he sat pretty still for (almost) the whole time.
Afterwards, he wasn't exactly sure what had happened, but we all cheered and he became pretty proud of himself.
More after
And more after ... off to do more mischief now that he can see!


Dear Uncle Steven: Every time the kids build a new fort, I think of you. (In other words, I think about you daily :) At least they're happy playing together!

Things Lucy has said at dinner

Miss Lu has taken to reading food containers while eating them. The result is pretty hilarious.

Miss Lu: (While reading a Barq's rootbeer can): "This rootbeer is famous! And old fashioned! And science! [since]."
Nick: "Science? What does science taste like?"
Miss Lu: "Science tastes like rootbeer!"

She also recently completed her first time through the original Star Wars series (with Mr. Nick's supervision). Which led to the following dinner summation:

Miss Lu: "So, basically Darth Vader was good and then he became really, really bad and then he was like the Emperor's little helper?"