Massive lists of things Lucy has said lately

1. Lucy (singing): "I love you more than Daddy, I love you more than Grandma and Grandpa, I love you more than puppies, I love you more than Keira, I love you more than Gracie ..."
Mom: "Who are you singing about?"
Lucy: "My baby sister, for when I get one. ... (continues singing) I love you more than Mommy, I love you more than kittens, I love you more than ..."
Mom (only slightly crushed): "Oh." 

2. "Daddy, when Mommy found you, did you say, 'Excuse me, may I marry you'?"

3. (during her night-time prayer) "Thank you for winter. Please make it stop now and make it spring."

4. (considering her family history) "Was Nana the first baby ever?"

5. Lucy: "Can we name our baby Jesus?"
Dad: "No."
Lucy: "God?"
Dad: "No."
Lucy: "Sophie-God?"
Dad: "Uh ... probably not."

6. (waking me up in the morning) "Hey Mommy! I dreamed you had another baby again! And we had a circus too!"

7. "Mommy, I'm tired of walking. And running. I'd like to fly now."

PS This post is not an announcement. Lucy is just seriously into babies, all babies, any babies, and particularly babies that may end up being part of our family. 

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