Bits of the day

Today, Calvin Jesse:

Slept in until 5:30 am
Figured out how to hit the toys on his play gym with his fists
Took a 2 1/2 hour morning nap
Peed in his bathtub three times
Grinned at Daddy during his diaper change
Became increasingly grumpy throughout the evening
Cried at Lucy (we're not sure why ...)
Fell asleep eating at 8 pm 

Oh, and posed for these adorable snapshots :) 


  1. jenny! he is sooo cute. i love his squeezable cheeks. congratulations on your little one!

  2. I heard you had a baby, but I never see'd one so cute! He looks a lot like you with that big smile. I like your haircut too, even though it's not short and fuzzy like Calvin's. I found you from Crystal's blog, and I didn't even know you knew where mine was. I miss you. I'm planning on blogging more, so you spy on me, and I'll spy on you, ok?