On resolutions

Miss Lucy and Cousin Morgan down at Edmonds beach last summer, possibly preparing for baptism

Mom: So, what do you want to be your goal for the year?
Miss Lu: I want to be baptized!
Mom: Okay ... Well, you can be baptized when you're 8, but it's great to start getting ready now. What can we do this year to help you get ready for baptism?
Miss Lu: I know—We can go to the pool more so that I can practice putting my head underwater!
Mom: Oh. Well that makes sense.

(I love Miss Lu's enthusiasm, and her practical yet creative approach to problem solving.)


  1. sweet! maybe you shouldn't mention at this time that most people don't wear goggles to their baptism.

  2. I know—that's going to come as a shock to her ... maybe if they were white goggles ...