Christmas morning

Miss Lu was finally wrestled into bed around 8:30 on Christmas Eve. We weren't sure Santa was going to make it since he had to assemble a few things still, but he came through:

We told Lucy to come and get us when her alarm clock said 8:00; she showed up around 7:30, which really wasn't too bad all things considered. There was great rejoicing at the sight of her beloved pillow pet.

Calvin started grinning the minute we put him down onto his new play gym. The sock monkey was an unexpected hit too :)

Mr. Nick made french toast for breakfast and then the morning really got underway.

At the end of the day, Miss Lu was thoroughly spoiled (and happy to be so!)


  1. What a fun Christmas! Looks like you guys got some great stuff! :)

  2. Oh dear - just think of all those expectations that have now been raised for next Christmas! Lu looks like a princess in her castle in that last shot, and it's good to see all of you looking so happy. Well, I assume that's a happy face on Calvin. :)