Why I need a new camera

Seriously. He is so cute right now. (When he's not crying. He has been crying a lot lately....)

It may be because he's bored. He really likes to concentrate on things (he's studying the faucet during his bath).

After his bath he was playing with his feet—squishing them together, spreading his toes apart, kicking like crazy.

If you're thinking these shots don't look too bad and that I don't need a new camera, you should know that my friend Katherine lent me her DSLR over the weekend and that's where these all came from. Straight from the camera—no adjusting, photoshopping, or any other sprucing up.

We had a lot of fun. Calvin was a good sport :) 

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  1. oh, those EYES! do you have a dream camera that you wish for? I like mine still, although it is almost as old as Lu by now.