Mom for a day

Today I

wiped Calvin's nose fourteen times
bought soccer cleats for Lucy
filled the bathtub twice (after Calvin emptied his first bath)
made lunch
made dinner
supervised a playdate with the neighbor
played trains
sat in the car with a napping baby
& watched out the window during Lucy's soccer practice
bought bread
brushed Lucy's hair
changed five diapers
unloaded groceries
made snacks
changed outfits for each child twice
played peek-a-boo
sang silly songs
found Lucy (hiding in the clothing racks at the department store)
helped Lucy practice for music class
shared my bread with Calvin
ran a load of laundry
made (a healthy!) dessert
started family home evening
gave hugs & kisses
received hugs & kisses (and wet smooches and loving hair pulls)

1 comment:

  1. Jenny...it was so fun to find your blog. It looks like things are going so well. Your kids are absolutely adorable. I loved your little girl's comment about six being fun to, but you have to do more work. So classic. I love the things kids say. I hope everything continues to go well. :)