Third snow day!

Last week we had a plethora of snow days. And on the third (and final) snow day, we woke up to honest to goodness snow. The kids were beyond thrilled!
Yes, that is a ramp constructed to get the larger parts of the snowman in place.

The snowball fight was epic.

Epic and delicious.

Calvin tried to get in the middle of the fight, but he kept on getting distracted by the fact that he could build things out of the snow.

Time for a scenic interlude. It was really a gorgeous day ...

Getting up close and personal with the snow—the advantage of still fitting in a snow suit!

The kids tried out maple syrup on fresh snow a la "Little House on the Prairie"—they loved it! 

After a morning playing in the snow, you could already see evidence of the warming weather: the snow started to melt off, and winter wear was quickly discarded :) 


  1. I've wanted to try that maple-syrup-on-snow thing for years. Alas, I live in Southern California--plenty of syrup, not much snow.

    1. I didn't try it myself, but the kids said it was delicious. I have a sneaking suspicion it's like a maple-flavored shaved ice :)