Spring Break: Back to Navarre

We took a little road trip down to Navarre Beach this weekend. The weather was perfect; the condo not so much—so we spent most of the time on that gorgeous beach! :) 

The kids played, dug, and jumped the waves; there were lots of walks, a few games of "baseball" on the tennis courts (which Calvin called "golf" for some reason), and lots of Tenzi and Settlers of Catan in the evenings, along with a movie here and there. (Mom earned big points when she pulled out "Despicable Me 2" as a surprise!)

We picnicked on the beach every day, and Dad made french toast every morning. We kept dinner pretty simple—a frozen pizza, some cans of soup and chili—but one night we all showered off the sand and went out for Italian. Calvin's manicotti were super creamy, but Mom's shrimp fettuccine dish was the one everyone wanted. 

Hooray for spring breaks, and hooray for beaches! We may be a bit predictable in our vacations, but we sure love our time out at the shore!

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