So She Said

Part of the reason I'm here is that Lu says the craziest things. And I promise myself I'll be a good mother and write them down so when she's older she can look back as see where all the crazy came from. And then I go fold some laundry.

On the list:

Lu: "Mom, I want a better life."
Me: "Oh?"
Lu: "Yeah, one with stuff in it."
[Two days pass. We're watching Nick Jr. together in our PJs. A Walmart commercial comes on and ends with the line "Save More. Live Better."]
Lu: "See Mom? I want to live better like that."
Me: "..."

"I want to go to China to eat dinner."

"I'm a rock star! I'm a rock star! Ooh yeah!" [while dancing wildly on the bed, at McDonald's, in the library, etc.]

During family home evening, while discussing the story of the widow's mite:
Me: "How do you think she felt?"
Lu: "Oh, she was sad."
Me: "Why?"
Lu: "Because she needed a new husband!"

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