We sled, she sled

We live at 7500 feet above sea level. Which means it's pretty much guaranteed that there will be plenty of snow in the winter. And when it snows, we Webbs, we sled. The day after Christmas, the only thing that kept Lucy (and Mr. Nick) from entering a spiral of sadness at the fact that there now remained 364 days until Christmas (she was really into the countdown aspect of the holiday this year) was the hill at Urban Park.

The snow had been around long enough that the hill exhibited the well-defined traces of previous sledders. Here Mr. Nick climbs the "stairs" to the side of the track, while Lu tries to go up the track itself. That didn't end well, in case you're wondering.

Generally though, the outing was successful. Secretly, I adore sledding.

And so does Miss Lu.

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