The third, and final, fifth birthday party

Miss Lu had many, many parties this year to celebrate her birthday. One with Grandma, one with Nana, and finally, one with her friends. It was a few weeks late, but I figured I better make it happen, especially since she kept on reminding me that she hadn't had her "friendly party" yet.

We went with a "By the Book" theme for the afternoon festivities. The invites were sent out the week before ...

I set up the party table the night before: the party started Wednesday afternoon with a picnic lunch (the schools have a half day that day). The table held our cake, crafts, and activities.

As we wrapped up the picnic, we held story time.

Games galore: "Book, Book, Movie" (aka "Duck, Duck, Goose")

"Bring the Book to Belle" (aka "Pin the Tail on the Donkey")

After the active games, we took a breather and sat down for a craft. I designed simple "All About Me" books which the kids colored and filled with pictures they cut out from old magazines.

Then it was back to something active: the piƱata was a huge "hit" (hee hee). Everyone was able to bash at it at least twice before it finally crumbled. 

(I love the look on Miss Lu's face here. I don't love my pregnant belly in the back, but oh well :)

(That's a pretty intense look too.)


Opening presents. Since we held a book-themed party, Miss Lu received a lot of books, much to her delight (and mine)!

The announcement that it was time to clean up and get ready for cake and ice-cream was greeted with much glee all around. (The cake and candle pictures didn't turn out, but there was a cake: chocolate with chocolate frosting, exactly as Miss Lu requested.)

We wrapped up with a giant balloon dance party to burn off all the sugar. Miss Lu spent a good hour the day before the party blowing up balloons and bringing them to me to tie them off. She filled up two garbage sacks!

Quite the party crew!

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  1. Oh my gosh! So awesome! I hope you don't mind, but I may just steal your party theme, activities and all! My girls love to read and I think it would be a hit!

    Happy Birthday Lu! Glad to see you had such a fantastic time turning five!