What the?!

Miss Lu loves to say "What the?!" to express her surprise and/or confusion. The thing is, sometimes I want to ask her the same thing—what is going on in her marvelous little mind?

1) I tell her to get dressed for a walk to the park. While it's reasonably warm, there is still snow on the ground. When I ask her why she won't put on pants (let along boots) she says, "Because I'm trying to encourage Spring!"

2) At dinner, Mr. Nick and I note that Calvin Jesse needs a haircut because he's getting a mullet. "A mullet?! Oh no! Is he going to die?" is Miss Lucy's seriously concerned response.

3) Lately Miss Lu likes to play "would you rather" games, presenting various scenarios from which we need to choose an option. For example, "Hey Mom, would you rather die, or would you rather break both arms and both legs?" (I chose broken limbs).

Last night's "would you rather" question stopped Mr. Nick and I in our tracks wondering "where does she come up with this stuff?"

"Hey Dad, would you rather that everyone in the whole world dies, or that God dies?"

What the?!

PS She then followed up with evidence of her mormon theological training: "But don't worry, if God dies we'll still have Jesus!"

PPS Reading back over this entry, it appears that Miss Lucy is also thinking a fair amount about life and death. Guess we'd better see where that's coming from ...

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