Baby shower

Last night Katharine hosted a baby shower. And it was lovely. And I was so touched by how many people made the effort to attend. I felt very loved. So thank you Katharine, and thank you to everyone else too! 

Now we just have to get this little pumpkin here ...

I can't wait to take a picture of our little guy in this cute hat!
(Mom, here are the pics I promised. Lucy saw the couch this morning before school and literally squealed with excitement—she kept on looking at everything and saying "Aww, Baby Brother will look so cute! Aww, Baby Brother will love this!" Then she turned to me and said "Now Mom, can he come tonight? Please?")

Books, diapers, bath supplies, outfits, picture frames—he's set!
Diaper cake! (Lucy was pretty excited to see this too)
I thought this was so clever—my friend Jamie thought it up and made it.
Our new stroller! (The accompanying carseat is already installed in the car. You know, just in case.) This was a group gift, and one we really needed and were super excited to receive. Thank you!

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