Lucy speaks

Miss Lu has been busy. Busy saying things that make us laugh.

1. I went to pick her up from school on Monday. Outside her classroom, another mom looked over and said, "Oh, you must be Lucy's mom!" (All of her classmates know Lucy is getting a baby brother soon.) We chatted for a bit, and then she told me how, when she was volunteering in the classroom the other day, Lucy had told the class "My mom is old! She's old enough that she lived with the dinosaurs!" I didn't have a good response to that one.

2. Words you don't want to hear while driving: "Uh oh. Mom? I lost my booger. I don't know where it went!"

3. Miss Lu: "Now I speak three languages! English, Spanish, and Sign Language!"
Mr. Nick: "Hola, cómo estás?"
Miss Lu: "Huh?"
Mr. Nick: [stage whisper] "Bien. Y tú?"
Miss Lu: "Bien. Y tú?"
Mr. Nick: "Estoy bien, gracias."
Miss Lu: [pause] ... "Sí!"

4. Talking with Mommy about why/how we respect the elderly.
Miss Lu: "So, because they're really old we talk to them?"
Mom: "Yes, because we want to hear about their stories."
Miss Lu: "Really, really old? Like Grandma? She's super old. She knew the dinosaurs."
Mom: "Umm ... [sideskirting] yes, we listen to Grandma."

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