Preparing for labor

Me: "I made a labor mix for the ipod."

Mr. Nick: "Great! [looks it over] ... You need some NPR podcasts on there too."

Me: "I loaded up Car Talk, This American Life, and some others—we'll save your reading voice this time. The only problem is I only have one pair of headphones."

Mr. Nick: "Oh, we're grabbing the thing [our ipod speaker]."

Me: "We are?"

Mr. Nick: "Yeah, I'm grabbing it on the way out."

Me: "Ok."

Mr. Nick: "Because I don't want to be bored."

Me: "Bored?"

Mr. Nick: "Well, you know, at least you get to do things while I just ... sit there ... [realizing this is not going well and slowly backing out of the doorway]"

Me: "I see."


  1. wait a sec... have you had the baby? Pics?!

  2. I love NPR, too. Car Talk is hilarious. :)