Performing bug

Miss Lu has appeared in a flurry of performances over the past few weeks.

First off, we had her dance recital. Dress rehearsal, two performances, the works. She was in the Beginning Ballet class at the New Mexico Dance Theater. This year the recital theme was "Around the World": Lucy's dance was entitled "Persia." She was, of course, very enthusiastic in her dancing.

Next, she sang a solo (all three verses of "I am a Child of God") at her friend's baptism. They moved the baptism service to the chapel as the primary room was too full. She really did a great job—on key, remembered the words, and didn't even get nervous!

And finally today her music class held its end of the year recital. All the kids sang songs and had individual parts they played on the bells. Lucy played the "do-mi-mi, mi-sol-sol, re-fa-fa, la-ti-ti" bells in the "Do Re Mi" song. Miss Annie is a great teacher and Lu is really enjoying the program.

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