Are you ever going to turn bad?

Tonight at dinner Miss Lucy asked Mr Nick "Dad, are you ever going to turn bad?"
"What do you mean, bad?" he replied.
"Oh, you know [thrusts fists and into the air as if punching someone repeatedly]."
"Bad like hitting people?"
"No, bad like not believing in God and going to church and stuff."
"Oh. Well, I don't think so."
Miss Lu thinks about that for a moment. Then, excitedly, she says "Hey, let's make a promise!"
"What kind of promise?" I asked.
"Let's promise to never turn bad!"
We all agree. Mr Nick has us all put our hands in toward the middle of the table, and we say together "I promise to never turn bad!" and then lift our hands high up in the air.
Miss Lu is very pleased.
Calvin Jesse continues to throw his ball and look for the crusts from his sandwich he tossed off from his high chair before we finally let him down.
It's a good way to end a day, promising as a family to never turn bad.

(Playing around with the camera is another good way to wrap up the day!)

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