Lucy's religious art

Miss Lu has been quite insistent of late that her job is to be an artist. And when we returned from church on Sunday, she let us know that she was going to spend the rest of the day making special Sunday art. Personally, I love the results.
The Tree of Life

Jesus coming out of the tomb

Jesus when he returns to Earth (with singing angels)

Miss Lucy's sweet testimony, which she wrote on the back of her Second Coming picture ("I know that Jesus and God will come again and meet. In their command they will show their selves. This is my testimony and I know this is true and in fact. Amen.")

Miss Lu also bore her testimony in Sacrament Meeting last fast Sunday. I was home with a sick Calvin Jesse, so I missed it, but I heard wonderful reports :) She went up all by herself, said that she believed in God and Jesus and that she knows that they love us and that Jesus will come again to the earth, said amen, and returned to a very proud Mr. Nick. I love seeing her own spiritual awareness developing and growing. And I love her artwork!

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