The rest of the Lord ...

I went in to Miss Lu's bedroom tonight to check on her after I put Calvin Jesse to bed. I had handed her a stack of books from her shelf and told her to read until she became tired (standard procedure on nights Mr Nick is at mutual). She complied--she was asleep when I went in, hands still holding her place in the book. And the book on the top of her stack, the one that helped her drift off? The Holy Temple pamphlet. I had to smile--what other six year old reads themselves to sleep by ploughing through something like that?


  1. What other parents of six year olds hand their kids a stack of books to read where that's the best option?

    But seriously, that's pretty cool. And, since I need to go to bed soon, I think I may find my copy.

  2. What's funny is that I didn't know it was in the stack I handed her. I gave her all the normal stuff: Elephant and Piggy, a few Disney books, things like that, and the Holy Temple was stuck in there too apparently. She'd worked her way through several of the books, then it looked like she'd found this one in the stack and thought "Hm, well, let's see what this is about" and went to work :)