Funny bone

These all made me laugh recently ...

1. The Daily Bunny: daily shots of, all together now—bunnies.

2. The NYT's Heads of State: hair portraits of our presidents. Who do you know?

3. (Warning: if you're not ok with slightly irreverent humor and/or lactation, skip this one). Behold, The Miracle of the Lactation.
(available here; by Alonso Cano c.1650)

Also known as "The Vision of St. Bernard." Apparently, St. Bernard knelt in prayer before a statue of the Virgin and asked her "Show yourself to be a mother." Why he was doubting her mothering abilities at this point in time, I don't know. But in response, the statue became alive just long enough to squirt some breast milk into his mouth. What's not to love about this?

4. These photos from Unhappy Hipsters, with their accompanying captions, elicited a chuckle. (As to the debate regarding whether U.H. is now "done" due to its increasing popularity, I vote no. It's been 2 months people.)

"She’d been begging her parents to swap out the gravel for a real lawn, with chairs and everything. She hadn’t counted on their literalism."

"Flipping the pages hurriedly, he sensed that the potted plants were advancing."

5. The Hill Hut. I know it's serious, but it makes me laugh all the same.

(found on Dinosaurs and Robots; images and full (serious) story at designboom)

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