Lucy's aesthetic sensibilities continue to develop

Lucy's dance studio staged a production of Sleeping Beauty this week. Her classes have been a little different as they approached the performance date, and last week her teacher asked the students if they were all planning to come and see the performance. (We were, in fact, planning to go, but at the last minute Lucy decided she'd really rather play with a friend that invited her over, and Nick and I went down to a fairly nice bar [as far as these things go] in Santa Fe for free pool and food from the grill down stairs, courtesy of the LANL's postdoc association. We had a great time. But this really doesn't have much to do with Lucy or Sleeping Beauty.)

(image via Wikimedia; photo by Scillystuff)

Ok, back on track. This has more to do with Sleeping Beauty. I couldn't find a picture of the actual poster the dance studio used, but at contained an image similar to this one. And after class, I saw Lucy studying said poster with great intensity and seriousness. She touched the dancers carefully, then turned to me and said "Mommy, the boy ballerina has a beautiful front bum." I agreed, and then we moved on. If only this were the first time something like this had happened ... I keep thinking she'll grow out of it. Maybe we need to look into soccer this spring. Or karate. Or anything where they wear loose, baggy pants/shorts.

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  1. Oh the fun Mojo and Lu would have together...