Happy to see you

1. Pete Dugney's pothole gardens: "If we planted one of those in every hole, it would be like a forest on the road."

2. Ben Pranger's Vision Thing (2004–05); a braille installation that shows four generations of synonyms branching from the word "vision."

3. Karim Rashid's design for a reusable water bottle with a replaceable filter that removes chlorine and organic particulates from tap water. The filter lasts for about 2 months (40 gallons). And it's pretty.

4. Lítill's gorgeous (gorgeous!) terrariums.

5. Robert Wechsler's "Applied Geometry" print: "A circle made by following the natural curve in a line of shopping carts. Costco parking lot Goleta, CA. 6:00 am May 5, 2004."
(available here)

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