Cousin-fest 2010

Watching Miss Lu with her cousins at Grandma's house this year was pretty fun. She and Morgan buddied up all week—and gave each other a run for their money at the same time. There were multiple games of "Bulldog, bulldog, what time is it?" on the trampoline, multiple viewings of "Max and Ruby" (especially when Mason was over), multiple discussions regarding aliens between Morgan and Lucy, cousin sleepovers, tents in the yard, trips to Edmonds Beach with Mr. Nick's boat, and games every night for the grown-ups. Good times.

Joe (out of frame) gets the kids laughing on the trampoline

Miya, Elise, and Lucy 

Ring Around the Rosie with Mason and Morgan

Nick and Liz (the "normal" shot ...)

... and the other one ...

Just the girls at the beach

Nick and Joe during a rare non-competitive game moment

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