Sandpiper, Best of, 2010

So. Our annual trip to the Washington coast was a bit cloudier than normal this year. Which was fine by me—Baby Kung Fu and I were quite content with the cooler weather (and the highly-oxygenated sea-level air). 

Despite the weather conditions, Miss Lu was out on the beach all day, every day, loving every minute.  She even walked clear down to the town and back with Auntie Juju. Uncle Dan built a fabulous sandcastle, Mr. Nick and I read multiple books, and Nana dipped her toes in the ocean and taught us to play Milles Bornes (I lost, but I did better when we played the train game). 

We even found a foggy night without too much wind for our campfire, s'mores, songs, and charades. Miss Lu really got into charades this year: she acted out "Beauty and the Beast" admirably, and had us all laughing after we figured out she had given Auntie Juju "Scrubs" to act out. (She doesn't watch "Scrubs." Her parents are not sure where that one came from.)

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