As in, I'm continually amazed by the things available online, free of charge. 

1. For example, if you want vintage images for craft projects, you could go to The Graphics Fairy.

I keep on thinking of ways to use this on our Christmas card ...

2. Or, if you want vintage prints and posters to frame around the house, go to Vintage Printable. (I love browsing here ... don't blame me if you find your hour's gone.)

Lucy would love the "rainbow," Nick the spectrum, and me? I just think it looks good :) 

3. And if you want to print out a fancy invitation fast? Gorgeous templates at Download & Print.

Isn't that pretty?

4. The New York Public Library has open access to over 700,000 digitized images ... and the Prints and Photographs Reading Room at the Library of Congress is fascinating.

A Member of the Poultry Club from NYPL's "The Pageant of America" Collection. 

5. I love the projects (and the concept) at Kind Over Matter. I'm debating about printing up one of their cute animal ABCs for Baby Brother's bedroom.

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  1. Awesome! University of Iowa has an online digital library, too, as does the Tennessee State Library and Archives--both I think are good, but I've never perused the New York one. I'll have to compare. Thanks for the heads up!