Time travel

Things I'm blaming on the pregnancy: my inability to remember what day (or week, or even month) it is. 

This morning I called in a refill to the pharmacy, looked down at the bottle, and realized that the prescription expires October 5th. In my mind (in which it's already October, the baby's room is finished, and I'm all caught up on work), that meant that the prescription had expired.

So I called my doctor's office and asked them if I could get a refill called in. The very nice but understandably confused receptionist said, "But ... it's not October...." At which point I realized that, in fact, she was right. It's not October. I offered a very embarrassed apology and quickly got off the phone. 

Yeah, I'm totally going to use pregnancy as an excuse for this one ...

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  1. I love it! I am totally that way when I am pregnant. Of course, I can be that way normally too.