Happy Easter!

We had a wonderful Easter.
Yesterday, we went to the unofficial ward Easter Egg Hunt & Potluck lunch.
Miss Lucy knew the drill.

Calvin Jesse gave it a good effort and managed to pick up five eggs before losing interest.

Easter morning came early since we had to be at church early to warm up the choir.
But the kids still found their baskets from the Easter Bunny.
(Complete with a golden egg apiece. That was a big deal this year.)

Lucy sang with the choir.
Calvin didn't fuss too much when we all left to go sing.
And after church we had our Family Easter Egg Hunt.
Miss Lu found the last golden egg.
Calvin Jesse, again, picked up about five eggs.
Then he tossed the rest of them off the trike so he could sit on it.

We napped.
We made whole-wheat orange rolls for dinner.
(Because we ran out of white flour.)
Miss Lucy hosted an indoor egg hunt for the parents.
We went to an Easter party hosted by our neighbors, the Stevens family.
And we went to a lovely dinner at the Alexanders.
I loved being with people we love.
And I love these kids.

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