The strong-willed child

Calvin Jesse and Miss Lucy are really quite different creatures. He's taciturn and agile, she's talkative and, well, not always as agile (but definitely willing to try!). So it's funny when I notice things that they share. Such as having their own, strong opinions early on.

Right now, Calvin Jesse has decided that he would rather go hungry nine times out of ten rather than have Mommy or Daddy feed him. He will shake his head "No!"and swat spoons of applesauce out of the way with a vengeance. 

But, put the same food in front of him and hand him the spoon and it's a different story. He really just wants to feed himself.

The result? After every meal, Calvin's looking down at the mess as if to say "Huh? How'd that get all over me?" It's pretty funny. 

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