Texas Roadtrip, Day Eight

After Carlsbad, we plopped the tired kids into the car and drove to Roswell. The space and alien themes were literally everywhere, including at the McDonalds. Nick and I were ready for something besides fast food, but we'd been promising Lucy a meal at a McDonalds with a play land, and this was really the first one we'd been able to find, and it was shaped like a flying saucer. There was no way Miss Lu was going to let us pass this one up!

Calvin Jesse was much more interested in trying out root beer for the first time ...
After dinner, we went to our hotel and took the kids swimming. Lucy swam for about an hour and a half, and for the first time really seriously started trying to float on her back. Calvin absolutely refused to go to sleep since he could see and hear us. Lucy was pretty disappointed that he didn't seem to be understanding the concept of "slumber party" (both of them in the same bed); eventually we had to make him a little bed on the floor since the hotel was out of cribs (lots of blankets, boxed in by the bed, wall, and suitcases). I felt bad for a minute, but the blankets were ours, and it worked!

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