Belated Seattle pics

Lu and I continued our traveling traditions by heading up to Seattle for a week in April. Mostly to visit the fam, but partially so I could go to the SASS conference. Scandinavianists hold a special place in my heart. 

Anyway, I took my camera, fully intending to capture our fun-filled adventures. I only took it out the afternoon Julie, Dan, and I took Lucy to Enatai beach. She calls it "Nana's beach, the one that's not the Sandpiper." And she loves it. Give her a pail and a shovel and she's good to go for hours.

Julie and I sat and talked while Dan roamed about. I love my sister. Seriously, she is so cute!

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  1. Oops - I forgot to word verify my comment. It went something like this:

    We have such nice scrunched-up-cuz-we're-looking-at-the-sunlight-reflecting-on-the-water faces. I wonder if my face is more scrunched up than yours because I am less use to sunlight compared ot you.