Nanas are the best

I forgot; Mom sent me this picture from our Seattle trip. But it really needs its own story. You see, Nana thought it would be fun for Lucy to go to the sheep shearing fiesta at Kelsey Creek farm. Lu thought so too, so they went.

Neither had any idea what they were getting into. Buses shuttling zillions of eager suburban farm enthusiasts from distant parking lots back to the farm. Lines for everything. Cotton candy. Sheep already sheared. Long walks. Your basic chaos for a festival that's grown, well, bigger than previously anticipated.

Nana was a trooper. Undaunted, she guided Lu through various spring farm adventures. And when Lu said she wanted to ride the pony, Nana waited with her in the line (look at that line! That's crazy! Like, Wiggles Live in Concert crazy!). Miss Lu was in heaven.

Thank goodness for Nanas. Of course, when I asked Lu later that evening what her favorite part of the day was (expecting cotton candy or the prized pony ride to emerge as the winner), she giggled and said "Nana's burps!" Apparently my mother can burp on command, something none of her children had ever known. We, along with Lucy, think it's pretty cool. I think next time, Nana will opt for an afternoon with a can of 7-Up and a princess video over the lines and craziness of the farm ...

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