Preschool today

It is the last week of our co-op preschool. Lucy is sad. I am, well, I'm ok with it. It's been really good for Lu, she's grown socially and academically, and I've appreciated the extra 6 hours a week that arise whenever I'm not hosting.

But I'm hosting this week. I've got Thursday covered—we're making cupcakes, decorating them, and having an end of the year party. Today ... I decided to focus on counting to ten (numbers were given the short shrift now and then throughout the year). So among other things we're reading the story "Ten Little Fish."

I drew these ten fish and their fishbowl for the art activity. I'll have the kids color the fish and cut them out. I'll staple a ziploc sandwich bag to the front of the fishbowl page so that it falls mostly in the bowl itself. Then the kids can add their fish to their bowl. I totally stole this idea from a project my mom had Lucy do when we up there involving coloring bugs and putting them in a bug cage. 

If you need to entertain preschool-aged children, I scanned the files. You can download them here.


  1. Thanks! I am totally going to use this. Although my turns are done this year, I am sure I will do it again with another child. Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Hi Muriel! Hope it helps one day :)

  3. Hi!! I'd love to try this idea, but unsure about the ziploc bag? Do they add the fish into the bag or attach somehow? Sorry.. having a brain fart moment :)